Russell Cotes Museum

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E Overcliff Dr, Bournemouth BH1 3AA, UK

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Reviews (1)

BenSmith BenSmith

This is a very old listed building. It’s fascinating but there are some issues getting around. Personally I found the workarounds fine, but some may not find it ideal. The new (ish) entrance and extension is fully accessiblele, although a little cramped on entry. Lifts to all floors and cafe and the entry to the main museum and house on the 2nd floor. I could get to most of the house which was really interesting. There’s a small lift in one back part. The very top floor is inaccessible. Initially I was hesitant when staff said there was an iPad with video tour. However, this was brilliant. The museum curator explains the items and many of the rooms, as well as the history of an air raid. I suspect I knew far more about these rooms than the rest of my family. In context of still being in the building it works well.

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