Travelodge London Acton hotel

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Monarch House, Victoria Rd, Acton, London W3 6UU, UK

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Reviews (1)

StephDerham StephDerham

Initially there was a confusion when I rang this hotel to book. The website said the car park was adjacent but had a height restriction and that disabled guests should ring for advice if this was to be an issue. As my vehicle is over 2 mtrs I rang and was told that there were disabled parking spaces but they were on the roof of the car park. I asked if that meant to get to the roof I had to drive through the car park (bearing in mind afore mentioned height restriction. “Yes”, was the reply “but you should just come and see if its ok”. We took the chance and arrived to find that what was described as the “Roof Top” disabled car park was actually on the road level next door to the hotel. There are about 12 spaces and a adoor to enter the hotel from a side entrance with no steps. The room was one of the biggest accessble rooms I have ever seen in a Travelodge. Plenty of space either side of the bed. Low mirrors and thoughtfully placed electrical sockets. Even the emergency pull cords in the bathroom were situated in sensible spots (next to the toilet and another next to the shower) The washbasin was a wheel under one. All in all, a good hotel to stay just on the outskirts of London.

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