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Bendrigg Lodge, Old Hutton, Kendal LA8 0NR, UK

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Reviews (5)

MattJKing71 MattJKing71

Really well organised, but very flexible to indivual needs (including dietary). Expert and friendly staff, so the whole group felt relaxed and confident. Plenty of opportunity to step out of activities and social if needed, but it was lovely to feel we were all ‘in the same boat’, having fun and achieving together (very nice group I was in, without feeling any pressure to socialise).

DurhamJaide DurhamJaide

Staff amazing. They cater for all needs and disabilities and all activities are adapted for everyone. It was the first time I have ever had a chance to climb at Bendrigg when I was 10 and I love it


My husband has MND, is in a wheelchair, cannot speak & has body atrophy. We attended a Rare Disease Activity weekend from Friday 4pm – Sunday 2pm.
The staff & volunteers are amazing! We were able to experience indoor Rock Climbing, Repelling & High Swing plus Zipline (outdoor in the rain). We played Table Tennis, Boules & enjoyed an Archery competition (indoors). On the Sunday morning we were delighted to be Canoeing & playing games on the water plus we had a mini picnic at the side of the lake.
How did we manage this? The Bendrigg team are experienced Rock climbers, Cavers & trained in other disciplines too. Their equipment is manual using ropes & pulleys. They were patient & conscious of helping Chris achieve everything that he wanted to achieve with a happiness that was infectious.
The Bendrigg Chefs were amazing & catered for all dietary needs (pre arrival details required) as Chris is on a soft dood diet. There was a lot of good food, plentiful snacks, fruit & yoghurts, toast, cereal, tea, coffee, hot chocolate & cordials.
Acorn Lodge Accomodation (built 2017) is new, clean & basic with automatic doors & severaal access ramps into the building from the vast gardens. There are beautiful views through the large windows of the Conservatory. There are lots of comfy modular leather sofas & a large TV covering all the channels.
Hallways & entry doors are big with lots of room for wheelchair movement. The bedrooms are big with Profiling beds. The ensuite wetrooms are HUGE & clean with a shower changing bed & hoist. Please note that you have to make your bed, but the bedding is provided. You also need to bring your own towels.
There is a washing machine if required. Bendrigg have their own mini buses for passenger & wheelchairs.

In our group this weekend were 3 children with a rare disease & we wondered how we would fit in? There was no problem whatsoever as we were all treated as individuals.

Martha Martha

I work at Bendrigg Trust but also attended an Adult Course with my brother who has a physical disability. We attended a week long course for adults with a physical disability, staying in Acorn House accommodation which is fully accessible. (Automatic doors, lighting, wider spaces for wheelchairs, ceiling mounted tracking hoists from bedrooms to bathrooms, shower beds, profile beds and everything else you might need!)

There has been some improvements made to the grounds with a new tarmac path winding up the hill that used to be quite steep… now it is much easier to get up and down in a wheelchair, a welcomed improvement. The views are stunning overlooking the woodland and the mountains in the distance. A great back drop for a trip away to have some fun adventures.

We took part in activities every day including Climbing, Canoeing, Archery, Zip Wire, Caving and a day trip into the lakes. It was a wonderful week, my brother had the opportunity to do lots of things he hasn’t done since he needed to use a wheelchair and his confidence and independence grew throughout the week. The social aspect of the trip was brilliant as well, we made some new friends and had a fantastic time chatting round the campfire in the evenings and even had a night at the pub for tea with a game of pool.

The staff are really friendly and helpful from booking through to catering teams and the activity instructors, who also work hard to get you involved with helping others, for example with b-laying in the climbing and cheering other people on when they need some support.

It was great fun and my brother and I had a fantastic time making some of our happiest memories together. I’d highly recommend Bendrigg Trust to anyone, and only wish we would have known about it when my brother was younger so we could have accessed it with our family too.

JoZ74 JoZ74

Bendrigg Trust is the most amazing place. It’s recently been modernised too so all the rooms are fully equipped with everything that you may need to make your stay an enjoyable one. There’s hoists some electric beds obviously everywhere is wheelchair accessible.
The only reason I didn’t give it full marks is because the paths are quite steep. At one point i thought I was on an expedition to the top of Everest as the staff put ropes on my chair and everyone helped . That’s the point everyone helps ,it’s not an issue. Also the centre is an activities centre in the lake district so you have to expect some hilly terrain.
There are a range of activities. Whilst I was there I did zip wire, rock climbing ( pulling up on my arms ), absailing, big bendy slide , archery , big rope swing and bikes/ adapted bikes.
It was a great weekend as it was a ‘Family weekend.’ They run a couple a year when families that have a disabled member can all come away together and do activities.
There are other families too and it just works . It was amazing fun. My able bodied children enjoyed it as did everyone else there was no difference which is what felt nice.

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