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Craven Cottage, Stevenage Rd, London SW6 6HH, UK

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Reviews (4)

bmth3.md@googlemail.com bmth3.md@googlemail.com

After visiting Fulham last season, I got in early with buying tickets to ensure I didn’t have to stand up for the whole game.
In honesty I wish I hadn’t bothered. After raising my point politely but firmly with what looked like a supervisor, I was subsequently surrounded with stewards and threatened with removal.
I’d really like to put each and everyone of those guys on my level of anxiety at that point and see how they react.
It’s not a ground I’ll be visiting again, which is sad knowing it’s one of the few games we get within 100 miles of Bournemouth.

BenSmith2 BenSmith2

We parked around 20 mins from the ground and found a pub in Putney Bridge. Whilst the area has plenty of bumpy pavements it’s relatively flat to get around. This was a great game for us, not so for the home fans, with Bournemouth winning 3-0. Craven Cottage is an old ground that seems to be ooze character, but does seem a little creaky in terms of facilities.

Compared to other grounds I’ve been to it does seem a little disorganised. However we were soon told the platform we were on was being used for the first time for this match. When inside we were left to find our own way from the gate. It was lucky the person behind us was aware we had to go under the stand to the tunnel, as we were setting off through the main crowd. A steward was waiting for us here. The disabled viewing area is at the far end of the stand, so you go under what seems to be a staff tunnel along the length of the stand, which is good. It’s worth being aware there are steep slopes around the away end, not just when you come in, but also as you come out of the tunnel.

The staff were very friendly and helpful in the disabled area. Whilst there was some confusion I put this down to ‘opening day’ as to say. I couldn’t fault the flexibility when we asked for some help.

The toilets. They were fine, but we had to wait for a steward who came out looking a little sheepish. Not convinced signage was good so do ask staff.

Whilst the platform is located at the very far end of the stand we could see the whole pitch… just. I did feel like we were stuffed in the corner a bit, and not convinced everyone would see the touchline. As an away fan the atmosphere was great in our end, but seemed very flat elsewhere. Overall, we really enjoyed our day, but be aware of some of the drawbacks of the platform and in particular the area around it.

matt85 matt85

This was my first visit to Craven Cottage and it wasn’t a great experience as an away supporter. We traveled up on AFC Bournemouth’s wheelchair accessible transport and had to park up at a local school nearby because our driver was told she couldn’t drop off outside the ground. We then had to board another minibus from the school just to travel down two streets which took about 2-3 minutes, this bus wasn’t even set up to take the amount of wheelchairs we had in our party and meant they had to move seats around so it could.

Once we were dropped off we made our way down the road, we didn’t really know where we were going so asked a couple of ‘here to help’ stewards where the away turnstiles were. They pointed us in the general direction but they weren’t particularly that helpful or seemed that bothered to help. When we got near to the away turnstiles a very jolly and helpful young lady came over and lead us towards the wheelchair entrance gate.

Once inside, we had the security check and had our tickets scanned another helpful steward lead us to the away wheelchair platform. This was up a steep slope, through a long corridor underneath the stand which is where the disabled toilets were and out the otherside. The platform was in the corner of the stand on a few different levels with another steep slope allowing access down to the lowest ones. I was sat on the second lowest one, I think there was four and the view wasn’t that great. You could see most of the pitch but I couldn’t see the goal or the far corner because of fans standing so I think it was a bit rich charging full price for what was basically a restricted view when sat in a wheelchair.

To access the concourse you have to get up another steep slope and go up behind the stand. We wanted a cup of tea at half time and were led there by a very helpful steward, however she said that it was very crowded and wouldn’t get inside. Seems daft that you can’t access the concourse in a wheelchair despite there being a priority queue although this is apparently for beer and not hot drinks which is pointless on such a cold day. She very kindly offered to go and get us a tea, it turned out they didn’t have any left in the away concourse so she went to the home one but they only took payment by card so we got the tea for free.

After a good result we made our way back to where the minibus dropped us off expecting to be taken back to the school to pick up our transport home, however our transport was there waiting as she had been given permission to collect us from the drop off point. Apparently she could have dropped us off there before the game as well but that’s not what she was told before the game. Poor organisation led to this confusion I would say. I’m not sure I would visit again. I know it’s an old ground but I still think they could do more.

Rob Trent Rob Trent

We arrived at a school car-park as our minibus wasn’t allowed to drop off at the ground. However, all we did was get off our bus and on to another! That took about 20 minutes. We then drove for about ten minutes and got dropped off. Utterly ridiculous.

Entrance into the ground was ok, although some slopes were a bit steep. Stewards helpfully showed us to the elevated ramps in the left hand corner behind the goal.

Sadly, this reminded me of Stoke City. The platforms weren’t high enough and so there was a restricted view of the goal nearest to us. A poor piece of design.

The concourse had accessible toilets (small), and there was a “Priority queueing” sign for disabled people.

Apart from the great result, this was a pretty poor experience.

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