Hever Castle & Gardens

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Hever Rd, Hever, Edenbridge TN8 7NG, UK

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Reviews (1)

KathrynWiki KathrynWiki

The castle itself has incredibly steep stone stairs, to be expected in a historical building. The grounds are very accessible.

Visited with a friend with a bowel condition and mobility issues and on showing her bowel condition “need the loo” card at castle we were told the only toilets were at the restaurant and the entrance to the grounds, nothing at the castle because its a listed building.

As my friend was already struggling to walk we went to the entrance as we would need to leave that way and the restaurant was in the opposite direction. Halfway there we passed a cafe. It was a struggle to the toilets by the entrance as it is up a steep slope and she was struggling to walk and uncertain she could wait that long but we did make it. I know how hard it was to walk up that slope as I am mobility impaired too.

I returned to the cafe (halfway from where we started) to meet our other friends and found a disabled toilet there! This would have saved a lot of pain and worry, my friend had been close to being behind a bush. I queried at the information point why we had not been told this at the castle and was told because it’s for cafe users only! This should NOT be the case when somebody is disabled and shows a card such as my friend did.

The staff clearly need to be better trained on the needs of a disabled person.

Visitors please note – there is a disabled toilet at the Cafe, which would be the nearest one to the actual castle.

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