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Reviews (3)

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Another great trip to Newcastle, even if it took up almost 24 hours! Great people following a great club. The accessible loo was very tight and not much space to move, as it had an inward opening door.
Video here:

Rob Trent Rob Trent

If I could give 6 out of 5 for everyone at Newcastle for helpfulness then I would. From the moment we arrived til the moment we left people just couldn’t do enough to help us. Access to the “Nine” sports bar was simple and even though we were in with a lot of Newcastle fans everyone was really friendly. Supporters from both sides mixed easily.

As you can see from the photo that I’ve posted, the viewing position for wheelchair users is quite high up, but you get a fantastic view. The teeny-weeny criticism that I have is that the safety bars in front of wheelchair users do tend to obscure the near goal. This meant quite a lot of moving backwards and forwards to see the action when it was at the near end.

Other than that it was a really fantastic day. See my video review here:

Vicky Vicky

I went to Newcastle earlier in the season. The lady on parking line was excellent even though disabled spots had home she tried to get me a space and did, making my trip easier.

There was a lift to the seats with a member of staff there making sure people used it correctly.

They couldn’t find my space apparently it was up steps, they found me a spot without steps so that was good, the view was good.

Getting out there was a staff member on the lift which left a que!

Oh yes I have straigh handles on my wheelchair and staff and fellow fans kept knocking the wheelchair, it wasn’t the best situation and a little scary so high up, leading my pa to have to stand up to protect me!

But overall Newcastle is a good club

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